Raiding Rules

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Raiding Rules

Post by Gbel on Fri Jul 29, 2016 4:17 pm


You CANNOT Start a Raid WITH OUT DEFENDERS On the other Faction!
Raids have a 30-minute cooldown timer before performing another raid.
IMPORTANT: You must wait 1 days before raiding the same Faction This also counts for groups! Even if one person in your group raided a Faction, the entire group CANNOT raid for 1 days!
The raid cooldown is initiated AFTER the raid is over.
In order to raid a base, you must Notify Online Admins In World Chat
Example: "Raiding (Name of the Faction)"
All Allied raiders participating in the raid must Notify Online Admins in World Chat.
Example: "(Faction Name) Assisting Raid (Location)"

Admins Then must post a Topic of the current raid and Notify Everyone by using (Server)
Raiding Team MUST be at their Faction base, and Defending Team MUST be defending.
Once everything is all set, Admin will then Commence that Raid Official using (Server.)

There is a 30 minute cooldown for all Factions that assist in a raid EXCEPT Mercenaries.
If ALL the players participating in the raid have died, the raid is considered OVER. No raid members may go back to the raid if they have all died. If breaking this rule, it will count as a Temp Ban.
You CANNOT place a bed near the base you're raiding, as that goes against the rule above.
While raiding a base, if you find a player in the base, you may kill them. Once you have destroyed their beds, the owners of the base CANNOT come back then the raid is considered OVER.

Once the Raid is a Success, Raiders have the Right to Claim the Raided Base.
it is the Raiders Choice to have The Defenders a Chance to stay at the Base, and protect it in the Name of the Raiders Faction.
Or be removed as Faction if the they don't have a back up Faction Base.

The following are the ONLY Factions that may call or assist a Raid (30 minute cooldown):
Allied Enemy Factions
Enemy Factions
Assist in raid ONLY (no cooldown, must be paid to assist):
Mercenaries(People who don't have enough members to take over but would like to help)

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