Faction Leader's Must Know

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Faction Leader's Must Know

Post by Gbel on Sat Jul 30, 2016 11:17 pm

Attention Faction Leaders, Congratulation on making a Faction, Organizing your Members and finally on the journey to take on Washington!
Please Type in Your Faction Name as a Topic In this Link  >Here!<
Once you made a new Topic and have ur Faction name as the Tittle of the Topic. Please Fill This

-Faction Leader's Name
(Amount of Members)
Describe your Faction (Ex. Asian Faction MUST HAVE Straw Hats)
-No need to Show your Faction Location-
description of your Faction (ex. Asian Faction Has Straw Hats and they look kool!)

Click this Link to Start Recruiting >Here!<
Once you made a new Topic please have ur Faction name as the Tittle of the Topic.
"Then convince players why they should join your Faction"
(ex. Asian Faction is the Best Faction because we Eat Noodles)
-Type in a Location where you Meet, Make sure Admin is there and location WILL be KOS so have body guards,etc-

Once you have Filled Everything Simply Send it.
Congratulation once again.

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